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Fabiano Caruana

FIDE Titles: FIDE Master (2002), International Master (2006), Grandmaster (2007)

Fabiano Caruana (Italian: Fabiano Luigi Caruana; born July 30, 1992, in Miami, Florida, USA) is an American chess player of Italian origin and an international grandmaster since 2007. The peak ELO rating is 2844 (as of October 2014), the current rating is 2820 (as of April 2021). He is currently number two in the world.
Born July 30, 1992 in Miami, he moved to New York with his parents, Lou and Santina Caruana, at the age of four. They introduced him to chess at the age of five, and his debut tournament took place already six months later.

Aged 12 in November 2004, his family moved to Madrid, where he started taking up lessons with Boris Zlotnik He earned the FIDE IM title at age of 12. In 2007, the family moved again, this time to Budapest, where he studied chess with Alexander Chernin. Also assisting him during his career were such famous GMs as Alexander Beliavsky and Yuri Razuvaev.

Caruana is a four-time Italian national champion (2007,2008, 2010, 2011). He earned the GM title at the age of 15.

He is the 2016 USA champion and a winner of many top events.

Caruana's most significant success came in March 2018, when he scored 9 out of 14 to become a winner of the Berlin Candidates Tournament. It entitled him the right to play the championship match against the reigning champion Magnus Carlsen, scheduled for the same year. Staged in London, the match produced 12 draws in games played with classical time control. Nothing of the kind has ever happened in the world championship history. However, Caruana went down in three rapid games that followed.

Of all participants coming to Yekaterinburg, only Caruana possesses winning experience of the Candidates Tournament. Should he do it again, he will definitely go down in history. Indeed, only the Soviet grandmaster Vasily Smyslov is known as a two-time winner of such competitions (in 1953 and 1956).

Fabiano is a psychological and intellectual mirror of Mikhail Moiseevich Botvinnik. He is no less serious about sticking to his daily regime. In his best games, this systematic player is capable of delivering from start to finish, without respect of persons opposing him. Svetozar Gligorich's famous adage about playing against the pieces applies to Caruana in equal measure.

Going into the Candidates, he won a major international tournament in Wijk aan Zee with a phenomenal score of 10 out of 13 (with 7 wins and 6 draws), two points ahead of Magnus Carlsen.

By the way, Caruana also finished ahead Magnus Carlsen at a supertournament in St. Louis back in 2014. There he scored 7 wins in a row, including the one over Carlsen. No chess player in history has ever succeeded in producing anything of the kind.