Турнир претендентов 2020

Anish Giri

FIDE Titles: FIDE Master (2008), Grandmaster (2009)

Anish Giri, born June 28, 1994, in St. Petersburg, is originally a trainee of the children's youth sports school ДЮСШ-2 of the Kalinin district in that city. He achieved the GM title at the age of 14 years and seven months, in 1999. Apart from his competitive career, Anish is also now an educator and published Chessable author, as well as an active content-creator on Youtube.

Since 2009, Giri has been representing the Netherlands in individual and team competitions held under the auspices of FIDE, and he won the Dutch national championship in 2009 and 2011.

His peak rating is 2798 (as of January 2016). His current rating is 2776 (as of April 2021). He is number eleven in the world.

In round three of the traditional chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee, taking place on January 17, 2011, he outperformed the No.1 rated player, Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, in a game that lasted only 22 moves.

He has earned his spot in Yekaterinburg as the highest average rated player of the year 2019, the same qualification path that took him to his previous Candidates tournament, Moscow 2016. Back then, Anish drew all 14 games and finished sharing 4-7 places with 7 points under his belt.